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5th Grade Drive -Thru Celebration

Families in cars will be entering the staff parking lot on the southside of school. Use the driveway closest to Pomona Way. Families will drive past the ESS building, the library, and the MPR where teachers will be lined up along the entire area to wave and say goodbye. If you are walking up with your student you can walk the entire pathway from ESS to the MPR.
At the end of the celebratory line, families can exit the parking lot and depart, or exit and choose to park to take pictures in the designated photo prop area. 
Please do not stop or get out of your cars while in the drive through line but exit the lot and park on the street or find an open parking space.
We encourage you to make this a festive event and decorate your cars! Make this an exciting celebration for your fifth graders using posters, streamers, balloons, paint, messages, enlarged photos of your student through the years…whatever you want to make it special! We can’t wait to see your creativity!