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AVID School

Jackson Avenue is an AVID school.  AVID stands for Advancement via Individual Determination.  We have aligned our work with their mission "to close the opportunity gap by preparing all studnents for college readiness and success in a global society."

Our students will learn organization skills, focused note-taking, and goal setting.  Students will learn student agency and self-adovocacy skills.  These skills will be explicity taught.

For the 20-21 School year our goals were on focused note-taking and student goal setting.

Goal Setting: Teachers and TK-2nd grade students work together to create reachable goals for students in reading, writing, and math based on what the studntts already know and where they are heading.  

Note-Taking:  Teachers and students work together to organize thinking and information in 3 column, 2 column notes, and journals so that learning can be referenced later on.

Jackson Avenue Elementary School believes all students to be Scholarly, Trustworthy, Accepting, and Responsible by developing a growth mindset, sharing kindness, and implementing student agency. All of which they will carry with them throughout their life.