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Arroyo Seco Students Vote in Mock Election

November 7, 2018 - Livermore, CA - Arroyo Seco Elementary students participated in yesterday’s Midterm Election with a Mock Election of their own, where students were invited to cast their vote for the next governor of California. Fourth grade teacher Lisa Wilson set up tables and decorations on the school’s blacktop early in the morning, which looked authentic enough to draw “real election” voters early on who were promptly directed to their actual polling place.

The election fits in well with the study of government and civics in fourth grade. It ties in with learning about the three branches of government, and also fits in with learning about the levels of government with candidates running for Federal, State and Local offices.

Wilson takes advantage of election years to introduce students to important concepts, and to facilitate discussion into citizenship and the importance of voting in a democracy. Students learned that getting involved in the election process as a volunteer and voting are a part of being a good citizen of Livermore, California, and the United States. Her class prepared posters and encouraged students in all grades to vote. Wilson’s students served as poll workers during their lunch recess, and were reminded to remain impartial in communication with voters – not endorsing any particular candidate.

“We are teaching them about being good citizens,” said Wilson. “My students will hopefully have had a memorable experience that encourages them to vote or get involved in the election process through volunteering, working at the polls, or eventually running for office themselves.”

Arroyo Seco’s Mock Election saw 89% voter participation out of all students in attendance that day. There were a few notable write-in votes for favorite teachers, fellow students, and one for Winnie the Pooh. All students who voted received an “I Voted” sticker to commemorate their participation. A majority of students voted for California gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom – who was elected yesterday by California’s “real” electorate – suggesting that perhaps as Arroyo Seco Elementary goes, so goes California.