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Frozen - the Musical

Congratulations to each of for being brave and auditioning for our production of Frozen.  This is going to be an amazing production!  Updates for our rehearsals, important updates and rehearsal videos will be posted here.  

Rehearsal Information:

The scripts have not arrived. Please plan to spend one hour over the week of 1/19-22 watching the following school production of Frozen Jr:

*You can watch it one sitting, or break it up in multiple viewings – up to you.

**Notice their vocal expression, body language, blocking and choreography.

***The script has been updated for 2021, so our version will be different, but it will give you an idea.


*****Rehearsal Information: BEGINNING 1/26


Speaking Role Rehearsal: Tuesdays & Thursdays 3 - 4 (Virtual)

Ensemble Rehearsal –Thursdays 3:00-3:30 (Virtual)


Go to Google Meet, Click Join, Type in Aderman