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TK and Kinder Families

Welcome to Altamont Creek Elementary – Home of the Wildcats!

This is sure to be an exciting time for you as your child begins their official journey to becoming a life-long learner. If you are a first time parent at Altamont Creek, you will soon discover the amazing students, staff, and community we have. 

Please take a moment to read the update from our District regarding our reopening in August: Link to Communication

We will spend time teaching safety, social distancing, hygiene, positive social interactions among the students, helping them to become more independent during the school year, and nurturing a classroom of respectful and caring children. This will also be a year of tremendous growth.  You will see your child blossom into an early reader and writer in addition to building many math skills.   We will also explore several topics in science and social studies. We enjoy having fun in the classroom, but also know the importance of creating a structured and organized learning environment.

We believe classroom environments should be safe, friendly, and happy. Students need structure and consistency with the right amount of fun mixed in so they look upon school as an enjoyable place to be and almost don't realize they're learning! When given the opportunity a child can achieve so much. It is our job to help each child develop at his/her own rate while providing a structured and safe environment to do so in.

In August, you will begin receiving email communications with EVERYTHING you will need to know about the 2020-2021 school year.  We will also have a New Parent Meeting on August 19th at 6:00PM.  As we receive more direction from the county, we will determine whether we will livestream the meeting or hold it on campus. 

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Getting Your Wildcat Ready for Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten:
Children come to kindergarten with many different skills and talents and at many different levels of readiness.  These are areas we would like you to focus on for the months before school starts on August 25th.

*Personal Needs
•    Dress themselves - tying shoes, buttons pants/coats, zip jackets
•    Know left and right - practice with your shoes!
•    Take care of bathroom needs
•    Washing hands & blowing nose
•    Recognizing own clothing and possessions
•    Have “practice picnics” where they practice opening their lunchboxes, drinks, yogurts, and food containers. 
•    Putting on, wearing, taking off, and zipping their own backpacks

•    Following simple directions
•    Putting toys and clothing away
•    Understanding concepts of space, direction, and place

*Establish Routines
•    Set limits
•    Eating habits – lunch is 20 minutes (practice eating lunch within 20 minutes)

•    Talk with your child
•    Be able to say full first and last name when asked
•    Practice "active listening"
•    Turn-taking in conversations
•    Practice sharing
•    Practice being a “good sport” when losing at a board game or not getting their way
•    Practice keeping hands and feet to self
•    Maintaining eye contact
•    Encourage your child to talk about their feelings and emotions

*Read! Read! Read!
•    Talk about the pictures and what is happening in the story
•    Talk about the meaning of words in the text
•    Get a library card, visit the library
•    Read labels at the store, signs etc.

*Count! Count! Count!
•    Count and sort objects together
•    Practice touching an item and sliding the object to a new pile.
•    Provide objects to count: cereal, macaroni, sunflower seeds, pennies etc. 
•    Look for opportunities to count. Examples: Count while picking up Legos or toys. Count the number of tiles on the floor while waiting for an appointment. Count items in the grocery cart. Count items in the kitchen. Count the books on the bookshelf or toys in the toy box.

*Academic Skills
•    Practice naming, counting, and writing numerals 1-10
•    Practice colors, shapes, and patterns
•    Practice identifying some letters and sounds


The Wildcat faculty and staff cannot wait to meet your child!  We are going to have the best year EVER! 



Principal Aderman