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ACE PTA Donates $55K to our School!

Thank you to all of our amazing PTA Board members and volunteers that have worked tirelessly to make this school year the best year ever!  
We are thrilled to announce that thanks to our PTA’s wildly successful job promoting and coordinating our events and fundraising, our PTA is able to donate $55,000 to our school!


The passion and dedication our PTA Board has shown is truly amazing. They they have gladly and unwaveringly given their time and efforts to improve the lives of our children and staff.  

We will be able to purchase new chromebooks, recess equipment, fund AR, provide each teacher $325 per classroom for supplies, schedule assemblies, provide science camp scholarships, and support our faculty and staff throughout the year. 

We are extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated team working to design, plan and execute these events and programs.  Thank you for all the energy and time you all continue to bring to our community. Our community may not realize the hours and hours of planning that goes on behind the scenes in order to coordinate the multitude of family spirit events and fundraisers for our school.

The entire board has worked endless hours to plan an amazing year. Thank you to all of our event chairs and parent volunteers.   Events like Super Saturday, Winter Wonderland, Skate Night, Book Fair Family Nights, Trick O Door, movie nights, Read a Thon, Walk a Thon, Family Fun Fest, Kite Night create memories our little Wildcats will have forever. Parents Night Out, Harvest Dinner and Paint Night provide our Wildcat parents an opportunity to meet other Wildcat parents. 

Thank you to our 2018-19 PTA Board Members: 
•    President - Angela Butherus
•    Executive  VP - Jody Amos
•    Secretary – Jennifer Gallagher
•    VP of Programs - Jennifer Lininger & Brittany Baker 
•    Treasurer - Michelle Plunkett
•    Hospitality - Aileen Billdt & Antonio Cordero 
•    Financial Secretary - Jennifer Darling
•    Auditor - Nicole Jeffrey
•    Historian - Adrienne Peters
•    Parliamentarian – Jennifer Holt 

2018-2019 Event Chairs: 
•    Book Fair – Kathleen Gibb, Shara Hart
•    Membership-  Jennifer Gallagher
•    Read a Thon- Virginia Garcia 
•    Harvest Gala – Angela Butherus, Jennifer Lininger and Aileen Bildt 
•    Family Bingo – Jennifer Lininger
•    Winter Wonderland – Angela Butherus, Jennifer Lininger 
•    Room Parent Coordinator – Melissa Hanson 
•    Running Club – Anne Margaret Manay, Subhalakshmy Krishnan
•    Super Saturday – Brian Lininger 
•    Swag – Vanessa Castro 
•    See’s Candy Sale – Wendi French & Adrienne Estrada 
•    Election – Bob & Jennifer Gallagher
•    Mixed Bag - Wendi French & Adrienne Estrada
•    Family Fun Fest – Angela Butherus, Jennifer Lininger and Aileen Bildt 
•    Year Book – May Millies, Amy Frazzitta, Carla Milochik 

Congratulations and welcome to our 2019-20 PTA Board Members!
•    President - Angela Butherus
•    Executive  VP – Kristina Plattner
•    Secretary – Sarah Hill
•    VP of Programs - Vacant
•    Treasurer – Charles Pyfrom
•    Hospitality – Nancy Renton
•    Financial Secretary – Nicole Jeffrey
•    Auditor – Jennifer Darling
•    Historian – Andrea Purl 

We are looking for a VP of Programs and volunteers to chair events for the coming school year. If you are interested, please email

Thank you to the following Wildcat parents for volunteering to be a committee chair:  
•    Michelle Pyfrom for volunteering to chair our 2019-2020 Harvest Gala. 
•    Amy Frazzitta for volunteering to chair our 2019-2020 Yearbook committee. 
•    Anne Margaret Manay for volunteering to chair our 2019-2020 Running Club. 

We hope you have an amazing summer!  We look forward to seeing everyone at the Round Up on Tuesday, August 13th beginning at 5:00PM.