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End of the Year News!

4/29 Testing Window begins

5/9 Bike to School Day

5/10 Kite Night 5:30PM 

5/23 Open House 6-7pm 

5/24 Staff Vs. Kids Kickball 12:30-1:30

5/29 Hoe Down 8:45am 

5/29 Volunteer Appreciation 7:45am 

5/31 Play Day 9:45AM

5/31 Talent Show 8:45AM

5/31 Lip Synch Battle 1:30PM

6/3 5th Grade Awards 8:45AM

6/3 5th Grade Clap it Out Parade 9:15AM

6/4 AR Awards and Challenge 9AM

6/5 3rd, 4th 5th Grade Pool Party

6/6 Kinder Celebration, 5th Grade Amazing Race, 12:30 Dismissal for ALL!