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Wildcats ~ Leading Edge

Altamont Creek Elementary is initiating a bold effort to maximize digital learning opportunities to prepare our Wildcats for THEIR future. Being future ready means that we are setting our students up to thrive in middle school, high school, college, a career, and as contributing citizens of a global society.


Leading-edge technologies play a vital role in helping to equip current and future generations with the skills they’ll need in the workforce of tomorrow. Chromebooks enable students to engage in dynamic learning across a range of modalities. We are no longer limited to learning by solely listening to a lecture or reading a book. All students do not learn the same way, and we now have the resources to accommodate different types of learners. The web also provides a vast number of tools; students can use virtual graphing calculators or foreign language translators. Another benefit is that learning can take place anywhere, anytime. Google Drive, Gmail, encyclopedias, ebooks, and more can be accessed from the classroom or home.We work tirelessly to ensure that digital learning plans align with instructional best practices, are implemented by highly trained teachers, and lead to personalized learning experiences for all students.


Chromebooks afford students the opportunity to explore concepts at a deep level in order to solve real-world predictable and unpredictable problems. Students are in control of their learning and have access and choice with regard to the digital tools they use to construct new knowledge, demonstrate conceptual mastery aligned to higher standards, and personalize learning.


Chromebooks, which are small, web-connected laptops running Google’s Chrome operating system, Internet connection for almost all functions. This means that Chromebooks don’t have slow processing time when booting up or need the costly hardrive and hardware of traditional laptops and desktop computers. This saves teachers valuable classroom minutes. They are durable and have an eight hour battery life . One of the biggest benefits to the Chromebook is that all documents are stored in the cloud. Students will be able to access their work regardless of which device they used the day before.


When making purchases for our classrooms, the Altamont Creek faculty, staff, and site council consider our long-term goals. Team Wildcat has determined that chromebooks are our number one priority. ACE uses a digital learning implementation plan to help guide our instruction and budget planning ensuring their time and resources are used to give students opportunities to reach their full potential.


Thank you for your continued support of our fundraising efforts. Each and every contriubution counts toward building the future of tomorrow.


Ways we use chromebooks:

- Digital Portfolios in Google Classroom

- AR Tests

- Freckle Differnentiated Platform: In today’s increasingly diverse, complex, and connected world, a one-size-fits-all approach to education doesn’t meet the needs of students. To prepare each learner for academic success, educators need to take into account students’ unique differences in readiness level, learning style, background, and interests. Freckle makes this possible by differentiating Math, ELA, Social Studies, and Science content so that teachers can reach every student at their own level and provide them with the world-class education they deserve.

- Digital access to videos, podcasts, assignments and assessments in our ELA prorgram Benchmark Advance and our math curriucla Investigations

- Coding/Programming

- Research

- Publish writing

- Use a wide variety of education apps and programs to enhance learning and provide intervention.

- Flip Grids - Students can capture widescreen videos, pause while recording, add more after reviewing, and trim to perfect.


There are no limits for learning at ACE! Help us push beyond the boundaries of TK - 5th grade education by harnessing the power of technology to advance learning and teaching.