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LVJUSD Board of Education Elects New Board President and Clerk

December 15, 2023- Livermore, CA - At the December 12, 2023 Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District’s (LVJUSD) Organizational Board Meeting, LVJUSD board members voted unanimously to recognize a new board president, Emily Prusso, and new board clerk, Kristie Wang. Prusso succeeds Craig Bueno who served as board president for eight years, and Wang fills Prusso’s former three year role as clerk. “I truly appreciate my colleagues’ faith in me to serve as president. I have learned so much from Craig’s example, and I look forward to serving the board and our school district in this capacity,” expressed Prusso. Wang conveyed her gratitude to Bueno for his mentorship of newer board members and how his support has prepared others to step into new leadership roles, later sharing, “I look forward to taking on the board clerk duties and expanding my responsibilities as a board member.”

Each December, the positions of president and clerk are voted on by board members for one-year terms. Prior to the nominations for this year’s positions, Superintendent Chris Van Schaack recognized both Bueno and Prusso for their prior year’s leadership on the board, “We are truly appreciative of the added time and dedication you have given to serve in your roles. Your focus has always been on how to best support the students, families, and staff in our district, and even though it is a somewhat challenging time to be a school board member, you have weathered those challenges and continuously advocated for the best for Livermore students.” 

Prusso and Wang’s new roles represent changes in board leadership that have remained constant for a number of years. Serving as president since 2015, Bueno provided consistent leadership through several shifts and challenges. “Over the past eight years, we have worked through many challenges and perpetual changes - school dismissal, distance learning, health mandates, solar projects, major facilities improvements, restoration of funding for arts and athletics, and most recently, a leadership transition in our superintendent. Over this timeframe, the board has changed with each election cycle, and despite those changes, Livermore students have always remained the sole focus of our district. It is my hope that as we transition leadership, we continue to cultivate the support and vision for the next decade of public education, as well as gain a fresh and expanded perspective. A robust public education is vital to the preservation of our democracy, and I look forward to supporting our Livermore students in my remaining years on the board,” expressed Bueno. 

The LVJUSD Board of Education meets regularly throughout the school year. Public meeting agendas are posted on the LVJUSD website in accordance with the Brown Act. For more information, visit


Photo courtesy of LVJUSD

Photo #1: Board President Emily Prusso and Board Clerk Kristie Wang 

Board President, Prusso and Board Clerk, Wang