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Livermore Students Celebrate International Walk and Roll to School Day

October 11, 2021-  Clear skies and sunshine provided the ideal morning for the students and families of the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD) as they walked, biked, scootered, and skated their way to school in celebration of International Walk and Roll to School Day on Wednesday, October 6, 2021. Every October, this day serves as an opportunity for students, families, and the community to come together in the name of reducing traffic, improving air quality, and most importantly, having fun through exercise.

Alameda County Supervisor, David Haubert and Superintendent Kelly Bowers greeted Marylin Avenue Elementary Roadrunners as they walked and rolled onto campus. Haubert raffled off a Razor scooter and helmet to one lucky student, encouraging many days of future travel to and from school on two wheels. “It was amazing to see how many kids participated at Marylin Avenue Elementary School in Livermore. It is important to remind students of the importance of safe and active travels to and from school,” shared Haubert.

Members of the LVJUSD Board of Education joined in on the fun, including Board President Craig Bueno who walked amongst the more than 200 students and families making their way to Sunset Elementary. “It was terrific to see so many students and families connecting with one another as they were walking and riding to school. Students were all smiles as they were greeted by Principal Tom Fletcher and his amazing team,” shared Bueno. Board Trustee Emily Prusso added, “Walking and rolling to school may not work for every family, but if you live close enough and have the ability, I’d encourage families to try. When my kids were younger, walking them to school each day was a great way to work through any morning anxiety they were experiencing.”

Research cited on LVJUSD’s website for mental health states that regular physical activity reduces feelings of depression and anxiety, while increasing one’s self-esteem and cognitive function. “As we support the mental health of our students while they continue to acclimate to full time, in-person instruction this year, modeling and encouraging daily exercise by walking or rolling to and from school can be a positive form of support to our students and ourselves,” expressed Bowers. Click above to read the full article.