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Sunset Elementary Connecting its Community with Culture

March 28, 2019 - Livermore, CA - For learners of any age, and young students especially, the exposure to a variety of perspectives broadens their field of knowledge and concept of the world around them. Complementing the concepts and subjects students learn about in the classroom, the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at Sunset Elementary is holding the school’s first annual Multicultural Night on April 12, 2019. This event - open to the public - promises to expand the horizons of the Sunset community, celebrating the tapestry of cultures represented by its students, teachers, staff, and families.

Inspired by the multicultural events celebrated at other schools in the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD), Sunset’s PTO – led by organizer Runjhun Goel – has spent months developing an event of its own that represents the variety of cultures throughout the community. “Our focus is on the kids,” said Goel. “With this event, we hope our students will see the diversity throughout our school, and appreciate the value of understanding and respecting cultures around the world.”

To welcome families to the new perspectives offered by the varying viewpoints of the world, visitors to Sunset’s Multicultural Night will receive a passport and world map that will open the door to 25 countries. The event promises to send families on a colorful and entertaining journey around the world where they will have the opportunity to explore the aspects of different cultures – from music to art to cuisine. Several performances will feature international music, some students and families of the school will present information about the diverse collection of countries, and a variety of activities related to the represented cultures will be available to visitors. 

“The members of our PTO make a point of leveraging learning opportunities for our students,” said Sunset Principal Tom Jones. “They put on events that reflect the diversity of interests in our school and community. The events they organize, like our upcoming Multicultural Night, bring value to our school by expanding on our educational programs and providing a special experience for Sunset families.”

Providing an opportunity for families to spend time together is an important function of the PTO, and connecting events and activities to students’ overall education is certainly a worthwhile endeavor for Sunset’s families. They can engage with the school in a new way – sharing in the excitement of learning something new, and participating in a unique experience that may lead to interesting conversations at home. “We’re proud of being able to bring people together,” said Goel. “Thank you to each of our 25 country ambassadors and volunteers who have come together to help put on this event. It is a joint effort to organize an event of this size.”

With its inaugural Multicultural Night at Sunset, the PTO invites its community to connect, both within the school and beyond its walls. Students and families will enjoy a night out together, joining the school community to discover international perspectives.

Sunset PTO Multicultural Event flyer with additional information.