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Livermore Valley Education Foundation’s Generosity Enriches LVJUSD Schools

December 4, 2018 - Livermore, CA - Every school in the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD) has a particular vision for its campus and its students, with a wish-list of resources to see that vision through. In the spirit of making the visions of LVJUSD’s schools reality – since 1991 – the Livermore Valley Education Foundation (LVEF) has been committed to the ongoing support of the District’s students, teachers, and community. LVEF’s generous contributions to various programs throughout the schools have promoted an array of subjects, fostering innovation, confidence, and creativity in students District-wide.

LVEF’s most recent contribution has come through funds transferred by the Choices for Children Education Foundation (CCEF) – funds that were primarily intended by donors to support activities in elementary schools. With the money, LVEF arranged for the funding of grant requests to support students through fifth grade at all eleven elementary and K-8 schools in the LVJUSD. Principals at each site submitted proposals to invest in projects and programs at their schools that would – per CCEF’s intentions – support art, music, remediation, language, and library and/or classroom technology.

The welcome contribution presented an opportunity for schools to make requests for resources that could serve students’ needs and improve the quality of each schools’ programs. Marylin Avenue Elementary was able to invest in the Book Trust program, in which each student in grades TK-5 receive money to put toward Scholastic books every month. “When the books come in, our classes have book celebrations where they read and share their books,” said Principal Denise Nathanson. “Books are taken home after a few days for the students to keep in their home library.”

At Sunset Elementary, the grant funds went toward a variety of supplies geared toward innovative education, including 3D printers, Cue Robots, and iPads; but also allowed for a new reading space in the library along with additional nonfiction books to add to its stacks. “Being able to design a space that invites our readers to cuddle up with a good book is so very appreciated,” said Principal Tom Jones. “We have added a huge selection of Choose Love themed books to the area to complement the space. We love it!"

Other schools took advantage of the grant to purchase Chromebooks and iPads for lessons in coding, makerspace resources, robotics accessories, 3D printers, library books, musical instruments, and additional materials to support elementary curriculum – all tools that enhance the educational opportunities for students and inspire innovative teaching strategies for LVJUSD’s educators. Like Marylin and Sunset, the generous amount equitably awarded to each school provided substantial latitude for proposals that included the high-tech enhancements and supplies in demand for exciting lessons, as well as for projects specially tailored for each school to improve their libraries, language arts curricula, and arts and music programs.

"It's been an honor and a privilege to be entrusted with the task of distributing the CCEF funds into LVJUSD," said LVEF President Dana Rowley. "I am extremely grateful to the Livermore community for supporting LVEF's mission to make a positive impact in the lives of all LVJUSD students.”

In the years since its inception, LVEF has managed donations from throughout the community and raised funds on its own, ensuring an equitable and positive impact for students throughout LVJUSD. LVEF partners with the community and school sites to provide resources that encourage innovation in the classroom with equipment ranging from new technology, such as Chromebooks, to musical instruments. Last year, LVEF provided all football players at Livermore and Granada high schools new Riddell SpeedFlex helmets, with anti-concussion technology, to safeguard the health of student athletes. The foundation also funds over half the cost of the Livermore Shakespeare Festival’s So Wise So Young drama program for second grade students, with a complementary grant from the California Arts Council, reflecting LVEF’s passionate support of the arts in schools.

Through the development of relationships with local businesses and leaders, LVEF maximizes the value of every dollar spent on schools, consistently matching grants to teachers by Livermore’s Rotary clubs and providing teachers with regular mini- and flash grants for smaller or supplemental classroom tools that augment student engagement.

LVJUSD is fortunate to have a passionate and supportive community in which its students have ample opportunity to thrive. LVEF contributes to the academic, social, and creative well-being of the District’s students beyond the scope of basic need - allowing schools to reach new heights and explore frontiers of innovation in education. The quality of each student’s experience would not be the same without the foundation’s commitment and generosity.