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New Campus Catering Director Enhancing Nutrition at LVJUSD

February 4, 2019 - Livermore, CA - The Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD) is pleased to welcome Lenea Pollett as its new Campus Catering Director. Pollett brings to Livermore a vision of enhancing the appeal and the impact of student nutrition at school. “My passion for Campus Catering is to implement scratch cooking and get the students excited about eating breakfast and lunch at school,” said Pollett. “The menu drives participation and I want all the menu items to be student-friendly.”

Pollett’s passion for nutrition and health began in college where she was a member of the swim team. She quickly learned nutrition played a valuable role in her performance. She earned her nutrition degrees from California State University, Long Beach and Loma Linda University, where she also completed her certifications as a Registered Dietitian and School Nutrition Specialist.

The first fifteen years of Pollett’s professional career focused on teaching nutrition at the university level. She then expanded her nutrition education outreach to working with districts throughout the state on a project called "Network for a Healthy California.” This project supported her goal to improve the nutritional status of children and families. Pollett plans to teach parents and guardians about nutrition, and to implement cooking clubs in after-school programs.

She plans to continue contributing to student health at Livermore. Pollett will oversee the LVJUSD Campus Catering department’s implementation of the county-wide Stop Waste K-12 Smart Initiative on all campuses. The program focuses on feeding students first, and increasing their access to their school’s cafeteria meal offerings with the new Food Share tables put in place this year at each site. Extra food is then donated to families and the community, ensuring as little food as possible goes to waste.

LVJUSD looks forward to Pollett bringing her expertise and experience to its outstanding Campus Catering department. Pollett joins LVJUSD following the retirement of former Director Barbara Lee.