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Middle School Student Expectations


Does a student have to be on camera?

Yes. All students must have their video camera ON and students must be in view. (There are a few exceptions to this rule. It must be in writing in a Special Education IEP or 504 plan). 

Does a middle school student have to go to the morning Support Classes?

Support time is mandatory if required by the teacher. The student must attend if the teacher asks them to attend. 

Can a student turn in work late?

Middle School teachers are allowing a one week grace period on late work. Although late work may not be graded at full value.

How does a student submit late work?

Students must inform the teacher when late work is submitted. Please follow the teacher's procedure whether it be through Google Form, video conference, or email.

What is considered an excused absence?

Parents and Guardians should call the school’s attendance line to excuse their student. The State states that an
“Excused absence” is illness, doctor’s appointment, court date, or funeral of a family member. 

What happens when a student  has technology/ camera Issues?

If a student is having technology issues they need to call the office and make sure we can fix or replace your computer. If not, they run the risk of being counted unexcused from class.

Can a teacher count a student absent if they are logged in?

Yes. A teacher can drop a student off of the class or count a student as absence if:

  • A student is not in camera view (unless a documented tech issue with office)
  • Is unresponsive when asked questions and not in view
  • After the class ends students are still logged on and unresponsive/not in view. The teacher will assume they turned on the computer and walked away. 

Can a student be held back in the same grade again next year?

Yes. If a student is not regularly attending classes, turning in work, or academically progressing there is a possibility of retaining the student. The teachers and administration will begin assessing these cases and having conversations with families.