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Will teachers provide a packet for pickup on April 14th and 15th? 

Adas, Clarissa Yes

Anderson, Doug No

Arienti, Valeria Yes

Awwal, Syeda No

Bennett, Jan Yes

Brammer, Cynthia No

Brown, Karen Yes

Brecht, Michele Yes

Cortez, Veronica No

Del Rio, Karina Yes

Duke, Kevin No

Fouche, Madalina (Streeter) Yes

Garcia, Mariza Yes

Gard, Diana Yes (for about 1/2 of my class. They have been notified individually.)

Grace, Whitney Yes (they are included inside the teachers' packets. They are not separate.)

Grajeda, Steven Yes

Gronley, Lorri No

Hamilton, Evin Yes

Hargreaves, Cheryl Yes

Henriquez-Palomo, Lorena Yes

Hersh, Grace Yes

Hosseini, Roya Yes

Lebish, Raquel No

Lee, Donna Yes

Maciel, Amy Yes

Mark, Marissa No (Notebooks only)

McAfee, Trish Yes

McMillin, Stacy No

Miladinovic, Brenae Yes

Morton, Erienne No

Oseguera, Stephanie Yes

Pennewell, Jeffery No

Perry, Michele No

Piña, Susanne Yes

Ruggeri, Gena Yes

Samonek, Erin Yes

Sanchez, Irene No

Smart, Lieven No

Stewart, Jessica Yes

Stonich, Claudia Yes

Swanner, Yeva, Yes

Symula, Kristen Yes

Valenzuela, Lori Yes

Vasquez, Nayeli Yes

Warmerdam, Katie Yes

Youd, Jenifer No

Zanipatin-Solis, Angelica Yes