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AP Exam Registration

  • AP Exam Registration Opens September 21, 2022

    Registration is a two-step process that includes enrolling in the course in AP Classroom by using a join code provided by the student's teacher AND purchasing the exam through Total Registration. Students will NOT be able to purchase exams at the school site or webstore. Exam fee $115/per exam. 

    For courses beginning in Trimester 1, the purchasing window is September 21 - October 21, 2022. (A late payment/cancellation fee will be $40 per exam after October 21, 2022). For courses beginning in Trimester 2, the purchasing window is September 21 - February 3, 2022. No exams will be ordered after February 3, 2022. 

    Granada High School can only accommodate non-GHS students for testing who reside within the GHS boundaries. Students must email and provide a valid ID card and proof of residence. 

  • Step 1: Join course in AP Classroom

    All students MUST be enrolled in the course section in AP Classroom for an exam to be ordered for them. Students will receive the unique join code from their AP teacher for each course they are enrolled in. Step by step instructions on how to enroll using the course join code can be found HERE. If you don't already have a CollegeBoard account, you will need to make one.  If you plan to take multiple AP exams, you will need to enroll in each AP Classroom course. 

    Step 2: Purchase the Exam in Total Registration 

    AP exams can be purchased for $115 per exam on the Total Registration website. Students will purchase all higher level exams through Total Registration. Click Here for Total Registration Website