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El Aviso - Thursday 9/22/2022 

Are you interested in global politics and international affairs? Would you like to explore these interests while improving your public speaking and debate skills? Come to the Little Theater after school on Friday, September 30th to debate on the topic of education at Granada Unofficial Model United Nations! No prior experience or knowledge is necessary, this event is beginner friendly.

Trying to keep up with our music program? Head over to Instagram and follow @ghsmusicprogram for updates on events like football games and concerts. Also, check out the Granada-Livermore color guard: @granada_livermore_guard_.

Students please do not loiter in the restrooms or block entrances to the restrooms. It is very important to maintain accessibility to these facilities for students at all times.

Today’s rally will be at the football field after 2nd period. Students, please leave your backpacks with your 2nd period class and pickup after. The event will be livestreamed at