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El Aviso for Wednesday, November 17


As we near the end of the trimester all textbooks need to be returned or renewed by the end of 4th period on Friday.  If you have the same class 2nd trimester will need to come to the library with their ID card or schedule to renew their book.  If you do not have the class 2nd trimester, they need to return it so it is available to students who need to check it out.

Parking permits are on sale at lunch and after school only at Student Services. If you have already had a parking permit, you do NOT need to fill the form out again, just bring your $15. If you have not, you MUST complete the form on Granda website, print it out, and bring the signed form to student services with your $15. Juniors can start purchasing passes on Wednesday and Sophomores can begin purchasing on Thursday. If you have not already filled out the parking permit form, please find the form on the GHS website. have the form printed out and bring $15 for the permit.

On Friday November 19th the kitchen will be serving between 10a and 10:20am. They will have pumpkin muffins, cinnamon rolls, bagels with cream cheese, string cheese and an assortment of fruit, veggies and milk.