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Logging in to or Registering for Schoolloop

Logging in to or registering for Schoolloop

Computer screen

Parents, guardians, and students can log in to the School Loop gradebook by clicking the computer icon located on this homepage under the photo gallery.(See picture above)

  If you need to register for Schoolloop, please follow these directions: 

 How to Register for School Loop

       1.You will need your student’s ID number

  1. Go to the computer icon
  2. Click “Register Now” then click on “Parent Registration” if you are a parent or guardian.
  3. Fill out the brief form and accept the user agreement.

Parents: Once you are registered and have been verified by the school you will have access to your child’s class schedule and information about each class. You may also receive daily email with information about assignments and news for the day.

PLEASE NOTE:Verification by office staff will take 2-3 working days.