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Boys Basketball and Cross Country team awesome performance!

EAMS wants to knowledge the great performance of our boys Basketball and Cross Country team.

Cross Country

East ave hosted the Cross Country championship meet Wednesday October 20th and it did not disappoint race fans. Many close heats and points championships were had under a rain threatening sky. At the end of the day, East Ave emerged victorious in the hotly contested 7th and 8th grade boys league championship race.

This is East Avenues first league championship in cross country!

The 7th and 8th grade team champions were Ronan Mcallister (3rd place bronze medal), Rowan Day,Anthony Romagna, Anthony Edwards, River Matsumoto, Aiden Jeffery, and Lucas Moore.
Our 7th and 8th grade girls were led by Alethia Lollis, Ava Backer, Jenna Fibrow and Maggie Gleason.
Our intrepid 6th grade boys were led by Luke Martinez. The excellent 6th grade girls were led by Diana Zarco (2nd place silver medal), Rachelle Cuevas Ramos, Lyra Day, Emmie Visaya, and Caillat Huang. Congratulations to our entire team!


East Ave 8th grade boys completed an undefeated season on Thursday October 21st by beating Mendenhall in the league championship game! In a heated contest, Mendenhall shot to an early lead, but Coaches Mr Beck and Mr Ibarra calmly led our boys to erase a 15 point deficit and win the game. Congratulations to our intrepid players!

Our 8th grade champs are:
Liam Harris, Sincere Butler, Luke Mederos, Apache Sims, Nicholas Rodriguez, Diego Villasenor, Braden Ford, Elijah Borja, Elijah Triolo, Jace Perry, Erik Schock, James Wear, Ryan Natsch, Devin Ingersoll, Dylan Wherry. Congratulations to our entire team!