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New Stunt Club Lets Students Share Videos

Announcing the development of a new club – The Stunt Club. We would like all skateboarders, bikers, rollerbladers, scooter riders, etc. to try to catch their best tricks on camera. We will be starting a meeting to share the videos on the first Friday of each month, at 3:15 pm beginning Friday, February 5, 2021.
Important: stunts can be risky! Only students who have a parent or guardian permission can share their videos in the club meeting.  Students do so by sending an email to Ms. Cartwright (, giving permission for their children to participate in sharing their videos during the meetings.  Also, don’t forget to wear a helmet. Other students may join to watch stunts, but only students with parent/guardian permission can share.

While we understand that the half-an-hour meeting to share videos is done virtually, we are hoping that the efforts to capture the stunts will lead to some happy hours outside getting exercise.

To join the fun, please click on the link for Stunt Club