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Spirit Week!!!

Attention East Avenue Students –

We are having a spirit week as follows:

Tuesday: May 30
Patriotic Day!
    - Wear red, white, and blue.
    - Dedicated to Memorial Day.
    - Face paint and stickers will be provided.
Wednesday: May 31
Adam Sandler Day!
     - Dress like Adam Sandler (baggy shorts, baggy shirt, baseball cap, etc).
     - You can also dress up like one of Adam Sandler's characters.
Thursday: June 1
Tropical Thursday!
      - Wear beach attire.
      - Leis, flip-flops, sunglasses, and shorts.
Friday: June 2
Anything but a Backpack Day!
       - Has to fit underneath a desk and through doors.
       - Cannot ride your "backpack" or push people.
       - Has to be mobile, and able to move around the school by yourself.
       - Cannot harm anyone or anything.
       - All supplies must fit inside your chosen item.
       - NO shopping carts!