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Incoming 6th Graders - Frequently Asked Questions

Incoming 6th grade families have many questions about middle school.  A parent of a former East Avenue student and an employee have put together a list of the questions most frequently asked by incoming families:

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents of Incoming 6th Graders:

 1.              What does the 6th grader’s day look like?

The middle school day starts at 8:25 AM and ends at 2:31 PM on all days but Wednesdays.  On Wednesdays students have a minimum day ending at 1:31 to allow time for teacher collaboration. Students take six 51 minute classes, they have 4 minutes of passing time between classes, and they have a 35 minute lunch period. Period 3 (homeroom) is 6 minutes longer to allow time to read the Daily Bulletin and eat a healthy snack. Students in the Resource (RSP) program or those who opt to take a music class will take PE two days a week in the zero period that is offered from 7:30 AM – 8:20 AM, before the regular school day begins.

Sixth graders take Core (a three period block taught by the same teacher that includes Social Studies, Reading and English); Math; Science; and P.E.

 2.              If my child is interested in Music, how does that fit into her day?

Band, Orchestra and Choir are available to incoming 6th graders.  The student will have the music class during the regular school day and will take PE in the zero period from 7:30 AM -8:20 AM two days a week.  Music classes are optional but once signed-up, they require a year commitment. A 6th grade schedule allows for only one music class.  Students in the resource program cannot fit music in their schedule in 6th grade.

 3.              Can my student study a foreign language at East Ave?

Spanish is offered at East Avenue as an elective to seventh and eighth grade students.

4.              Is P.E. required? Do students have to shower?  Do they have lockers?

P.E. is required all three years of middle school.  Students have P.E. lockers (with a built in combination lock) they can use to store their clothing and valuables.  P.E. uniforms (shorts, t-shirt, optional sweatpants and sweatshirt) can be purchased in August via the webstore or during Dolphin Day Orientation.  East Avenue locker rooms do not have showers.


5.              What after-school opportunities are available for students?

East Avenue offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of athletic programs: boys and girls basketball, boys and girls volleyball, co-ed wrestling, co-ed track, co-ed cross country and co-ed golf.  Students need to have a sports physical form on file before they can try out for a sport.  Forms are available on the website, at Dolphin Day Orientation and in the school office.

 After school and lunchtime clubs and activities vary from year to year; this year Girls who Code, Prodigy Club, Drama Club, Homework Club, Math Counts, Wyldlife, Game Club and Tri M Music Club are offered to students. 

 LARPD has an on-campus before and after school program available for a fee.  For more information, please visit their website at

 6.              What opportunities exist for GATE students?

Teachers are made aware of their students who have been identified as GATE, and differentiate their instruction to meet the needs of those students.  In 7th and 8th grade, students may take Honors CORE (a 2-period block of English and Social Studies). Additionally, accelerated math classes are provided.

      7.              What are opportunities are available for parent volunteers and      involvement?

East Avenue has an active Booster Club that meets once a month.  The Booster Club organizes parent volunteers to help in a variety of areas. They raise money to help support the students and staff of East Avenue. A volunteer sign-up sheet will be available in the Orientation packet in August.  East Avenue also elects four parents to serve two year terms on our School Site Council. 

 8.              How are parents informed about campus happenings?

Information is available on the school website: and in bi-monthly newsletters “On The Avenue”.  Street Talk sent via email will keep you up to date with a list of upcoming events such as dances, holidays, end of grading periods, and athletic games. You can also check the marquee as you are driving by.  We also communicate with texts, email and voice mail.

9.              What is the procedure for drop-off and pick-up of students?

Students may be dropped off and picked up in the drop off loop at the front of the school.  Cars are to pull forward along the curb (right lane).  Parents should not drop off students in the left lane or the parking lot.  Students should not arrive on campus more than 15 minutes prior to their first class.   Parents are asked to pick up their students no later than 3:00 PM unless the student is attending an after-school activity.  Many parents choose to park near the school and have their students walk to their cars.  There is a light at Hillcrest and a crossing guard at Estates.

 10.          What should I do if my child is ill and cannot come to school?

If a child is sick or has an early morning appointment, a parent should call the school at 606-4711 and choose “2” for attendance.  This should be done each day the student is absent.  Students who are absent one or two days should check Schoolloop for assignments.  If a student is ill for three or more days, the parent can request homework by sending an email to the teachers.

 11.          How do I communicate with teachers about my child? 

All teachers have email and encourage you to communicate with them.  Teachers can also be reached through the website or voice mail. They are available for before and after-school appointments, as needed or requested.  (Middle school does not have a conference week.) Additionally, Schoolloop allows parents to monitor their student’s progress in each class.  It is highly recommended that parents register for Schoolloop as a means of getting information regarding homework and grades.   


PLEASE NOTE: Parents will receive an email during the summer that will provide specific information about orientation and getting started at East Avenue.  Parents will also get an email during the summer from PowerSchool (Infosnap) to update their emergency information.