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  • Livermore Learns Logo What is Livermore Learns?

    Livermore Learns is a parent education program designed to educate, inform and engage parents and guardians as they support their children throughout their education. Livermore Learns provides workshops, presentations, trainings, book clubs and webinars to help provide this education and support.

    Livermore Learns is modeled after LVJUSD's Framework for Success - a comprehensive framework that aligns academic, behavioral, and social emotional learning - to meet the needs of all students in our district. Just as our students are provided support and education in those three major areas, our parents will have opportunities to build their knowledge and skills around those areas as well. 

    Livermore Learns opportunities will be offered seasonally. We will have a comprehensive calendar of events for the fall, winter and spring. Parents will have the opportunity to register for events they would like to attend as well as provide feedback for events attended. 

  • Fall 2020 Programming 

    Livermore Learns classifies programming based on three categories that mirror our Framework for Success for students: Academic (A), Behavioral (B), and Social-Emotional (SE) topics. 

    Supporting Mild/Moderate SDC & Resource Students During Distance Learning (A, B, SE)

    Facilitators: LVJUSD Behaviorist Caroline Doidge and Special Education Teacher Kristi Barcelona

    Date: Thursday, September 17, 2020
    Time: 7-8pm
    Location: Online via Google Meet

    Learn pratical tools for managing behaviors and motivating your child during distance learning.

    Establishing a Routine (A, SE)

    Facilitators: LVJUSD Counselors Marina Bunce & Dawn Allen

    Date: Thursday, September 24, 2020
    Time: 7-8pm 
    Location: Online via Google Meet

    Let's talk routine! Learn how to set clear expectations, and structure your families day to be most effective for everyone's success.

    Work/Life Balance (SE)

    Facilitator: LVJUSD School Psychologist, Mallory Rachel

    Date: Wednesday, October 7, 2020
    Time: 7-8pm
    Location: Online via Google Meet

    Spend an hour focused on you! In this presentation, we will spend time talking about what work/life balance is, why it's important, & how we can begin to incorporate practices in our daily lives to move in that direction. Make this a mini-retreat and come with your cup of tea, a favorite journal or some paper to write on, and a quiet space (even if it's your car- no judgments here) to grab a little "you" time!

    Supporting Your Child's Education During Distance Learning (Spanish) (A, B, SE)

    Facilitators: LVJUSD School Psychologist, Roxy Pittman & Bilingual Paraprofessional, Nancy Ortiz

    Date: Thursday, October 15, 2020
    Time: 7-8pm
    Location: Online via Google Meet

    Learn ways to help your child have a meaningful distance learning experience. Strategies will be shared to establish a learning space at home, limit distractions, motivate your child, and help him or her succeed academically.

    Anxiety & Depression in Elementary School Children (B, SE)

    Facilitator: Lynn Gardner, MS Counseling with Horizons Family Counseling

    Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2020
    Time: 7-8pm
    Location: Online via Google Meet

    Not all children respond to stress in the same way. This presentation will help you understand the common changes to watch out for during these challenging times of COVID-19, feelings of isolation, fires, natural disasters, and social injustice. We will discuss the importance of setting boundaries, limiting your child's exposure to negative images and social media. We will explore ways to re-engage your family in positive activities, identify and name your child's emotions and possible strategies. Finally, we will discuss various resources available from school, mental health and community based agencies, and apps to address feelings of anxiety and stress.

    Talking with Children About Social Justice & Equity (A, SE)

    Facilitators: Lynn Gardner, MS Counseling with Horizons Family Counseling and Gina Ritorto, LVJUSD School Psychologist

    Date: Thursday, November 12, 2020
    Time: 7-8pm
    Location: Online via Google Meet 

    In this webinar, participants will begin a journey of self and family exploration beginning with understanding current issues of social unrest, unconscious bias, how the brain can get highjacked by cognitive dissonance and the Fight-Flight-Freeze process in the brain. Participants will gain a better understanding of the hidden costs of not educating themselves about issues of systemic racism. and inequity We will discuss how parents can raise their children to become “Upstanders vs. Bystanders” and ways parents can consciously model positive behaviors when they see Injustice and Inequity. Finally participants will learn how to initiate uncomfortable conversations family, children and teens, what to do when conflict arises, tips for building resiliency, and a list of resources to help along the journey.

  • LIVERMORE LEARNS- Fall 2020 Events

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