Elementary Report Cards

  • Assessment of the California State Standards

    Students in grades TK - 5 are assessed in their progress toward the completion of grade level standards following the end of Trimester 1, Trimester 2, and Trimester 3. Report cards are used to communicate timely information about student progress. Parents and guardians can view and download report cards online through our district’s Illuminate Parent Portal.

    Report cards are aligned to the California State Standards and reflect a growth mindset approach to learning. Each standard is rigorous and requires each student to be able to consistently demonstrate mastery of that skill. We support students in their attainment of the standards, and we provide additional individualized learning opportunities for students who attain mastery early and will benefit from additional challenges.

    While students are taught the full breadth of grade-level standards, the report cards reflect progress on key standards that our teachers have deemed most relevant. The basic format of the report card is consistent across all elementary grade levels.

    Report Card Format

    The report card is divided into sections on two pages: English Language Arts and Math are on the first page of the report card; Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Visual & Performing Arts, and Technology are on the second page. Each content area includes the essential standards that each student should master by the end of the school year. 

    The second page also includes a section for Habits of Success, Attendance, and Teacher Comments. Habits of Success are consistent throughout all grade levels and represent skills students need to be successful. Teachers use the Comments section to communicate specific areas of strength and areas of focus for that trimester and to include suggestions for future growth.

    At the top of the report card is located the Academic Performance Key. This key contains the five indicators used to convey your student’s progress toward mastering each rigorous standard:  

    • M indicates that a student is meeting the standard and is able consistently to demonstrate knowledge of that standard.  
    • P indicates that a student is progressing toward the standard.  
    • T indicates that a student has an emerging awareness of the standard but will need more time to be able to master that standard.
    • AC indicates this particular standard is an area of concern for the student.  
    • NE or a grey shaded box indicates that this particular standard was not evaluated during that trimester.

    Each report card will reflect where students are at a particular moment in time on their year-long journey toward meeting each specific grade-level standard.

  • Click below for the Illuminate Parent Portal for report card information for grades TK-5.

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  • Sample 3rd Grade Report Card

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