• Dear Parents/Guardians:


    In an effort to stress the importance of daily school attendance to your child’s success, we are sending this letter as a reminder of California Education Law 48200 that requires compulsory daily attendance for students 6-18 years of age. Parents/guardians that choose to enroll their children in Kindergarten are subject to this Education Code Law as well.


    Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD) is committed to ensuring academic excellence for all our students. Maximizing our children’s achievement must begin with daily school attendance and we feel with everyone working together we can create that success. It is vital for the LVJUSD to build on a shared value of education by maintaining the essential partnership between school and home to ensure daily attendance. If your child is absent, California Education Code allows EXCUSED absence for the following:


    1. Illness

    2. Medical, dental, eye appointments (please try & schedule these before or after school)

    3. Quarantine (determined by medical professional)

    4. Funeral services for immediate family members

    5. Court ordered appearance (filed and signed)


    The parent/guardian of the student must send a note and/or phone the school to clear any of the above listed excused absences. Failure to excuse the absence will result in a recorded truancy on the student’s permanent record. Please remember all absences and tardies must be cleared within 72 hours of the occurrence.


    Another way to support your child’s daily attendance is by reviewing the school District calendar to plan family vacations to coincide with school breaks. Parent notification to the school of a student’s absence for an unexcused reason will result in the loss of instructional time, and parents will be notified of truancy violations as determined by California Ed Code 48200. Examples of reasons that are NOT EXCUSED are:


    Visiting Relatives                                            Student’s Birthday                              Oversleeping

    Car Trouble                                                     Childcare by student at home              Vacations

    Family moving from one home to another  


    School staff may request your attendance at a conference when your child is absent from school for reasons that are not excused. The District sends notification to parents/guardians of students who accumulate three or more days of unexcused absences and/or tardies and/or an excessive number of excused absences. That letter will inform the family of potential declaration of truancy on your child’s school record according to Education Codes 48260 and 48263.6.


    Please review this attendance information with your child and take the necessary measures to ensure your child’s success. We appreciate your assistance in making school attendance a priority.


    Thank you for your support,


    Scott Vernoy

    Director of Student Services

    Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District