• College-level courses taught in high school on a variety of subjects, for students who want to challenge themselves.  All who are eager for a challenge are encouraged to try it.

      * Earn college credit

      * Bypass basic classes in college 

      * Challenge yourself

      * Gain a competitive edge

      * Save on college tuition

      * Boost your GPA 

      * Improve critical thinking

      * Interact with stimulating peers

      * Elevate your college entrance standing


      For additional information, visit www.collegeboard.com and ShareAP

    AP Coordinator:
    David Martinez              Vice Principal
    Mrs. Edwards                Counselor
    AP Courses 
    AP Studio Art
    AP Biology
    AP Calculus B/C 
    AP Chemistry
    AP Computer Science A
    AP Microeconomics
    AP Macroeconomics 
    AP English Language Composition (Juniors)
    AP English Literature (Seniors)
    AP Environmental Science
    AP Human Geography 
    AP Latin
    AP Spanish Lang. 
    AP United States History
    AP US Government
    AP Physics Mechanics C 
    AP Psychology
    AP Statistics 
    AP World History