• November 9, 2018

    Welcome to fall and to the new trimester at Livermore High School! Yesterday our students followed a Homeroom schedule, where they participated in a school climate survey measuring their perceptions about LHS, campus security and their own feelings around the concepts of gratitude, forgiveness and compassion.  The “Choose Love” initiative is one adopted by our district as a way to empower students and build their personal resiliency and their decision-making skills. While we administer a survey yearly to gauge students feelings of safety and comfort on our campus, this year the additional questions were added to give us baseline information on perceptions before students begin the new “Choose Love” curriculum. The results of these surveys will be compiled and shared on our school website within the next few weeks.

    Student schedules for the second trimester were “live” on School Loop yesterday (November 8) and schedule change forms are available at the activities window or on our website. Counselors and Vice Principals have spent the last several weeks balancing class enrollments and correcting minor scheduling errors. We continue to appreciate the addition of a new Counselor and a new Vice Principal to our LHS team!

    Homecoming events went very well, and we had an opportunity to utilize our new bleachers and a new skit venue. Kudos are in order to our Leadership students, class advisors, and our spirited students! And another new and exciting feature on the technology front, our district has launched a new mobile app for parents!  Please see the announcement on our website.

    Our band, color guard and drumline did a great job at the recent band review in Pleasanton.  It was exciting, standing in the crowd and watching their outstanding performance. All groups carried away trophies, with first place awards for color guard and drumline and a third place for our marching band.  To see more of our visual and performing arts students in action, check our website calendar.  Our Fall Choral Concert will be held in the Theatre the evening of November 15th and our LHS Drama Department will perform “Our Town” with an opening night performance on November 30th with subsequent performances on December 1, 6, 7 and 8.

    Of special note and interest, the LHS Robotics team was well-represented on November 8th at LLNL, putting their robot through its paces, and interacting with scientists, engineers and technicians.  The group also toured the National Ignition Facility, and visited and interacted with scientists in the Bio-Sciences and Additive Manufacturing Divisions. It was wonderful to see the learning and exchange of ideas between these amazing young people and the scientific community.  Thanks are in order to Mr. Danilovic, for his support of the robotics group, and to our LLNL hosts. It was a memorable day for the Cowboys who participated.

    Before I conclude this letter, I would like to ask for your cooperation on two issues:

    We have had an amazing increase in students using “Door Dash” or similar services to order food and have it delivered to them at school.  The delivery drivers appear in the office or in some cases, have actually attempted to drive on to the campus to make deliveries. Although we have been able to maintain the security of our campus, it is time for us to say we can no longer indulge students in the ability to have these unknown individuals accessing our campus.  Effective beginning the second trimester, we will refuse all food deliveries from outside vendors to our campus.  This does NOT apply to parents bringing lunches to our school office.  Clearly, this is permitted, as it has always been in the past. Thank you so much for your understanding.

    I also ask for your continued support of our dress code requirements.  Although it is difficult for parents to keep up with the latest trends, please be aware that the “cookies” clothing line is a blatant reference to marijuana and marijuana products.  It is definitely clothing that is not permitted at LHS or anywhere in our district.

    Finally, there are two other issues that I feel I must address within the next week.  They are the issues of vaping and information disclosure around significant incidents that happen on our campus.  Be looking for another email soon.

    As always, thank you for your ongoing interest in our Cowboy Nation.  You are appreciated!


    Vicki Scudder