• To report an absence, please call (925) 606-4800 and Press 2.

    Please Note:

    • STUDENTS LEAVING EARLY (APPOINTMENTS, etc.):  If your student needs to leave early for any reason, they must check out with the Attendance Office and obtain a pass before leaving campus.  A call needs to be made prior to the early dismissal.  If a student leaves campus without checking out, we are not obligated to excuse the absence. If you are coming in to pick up your student, please bring your driver’s license.
    • REPORTING ABSENCES AND TARDIES:  Absences and tardies must be cleared within three business days. Questions about Attendance or reporting absences?  Please contact Ana Way at
    • SENIORS LUNCH PRIVILEGES:  Seniors who maintain good attendance and are making satisfactory progress towards graduation are permitted to leave campus for lunch.  Their Senior ID is required.  Seniors who forget or have lost their ID will be redirected to the Attendance Office.


    From the GHS Student Handbook: 

    Compulsory daily school attendance is a requirement for all students ages 6-18. The California Education Code defines school absences as either excused or unexcused. Excused absences are generally unavoidable and include the following: illness, funeral services for immediate family, quarantine, and medical/dental/eye appointments. All other absences are considered unexcused. Parents/Guardians must send a note and/or phone the school to clear excusable absences within three school days. An absence not cleared within three days will count as a cut. Students with excessive absences may be required to submit a doctor’s note. Students who cut class will be assigned one 30-minute detention for each cut class. Excessive cuts will lead to loss of privileges. Tardy and attendance policies will be enforced for the assigned Academic Support and Enrichment (ASE) period. To report absences, please call the attendance recorder at 606-4800 x3555. For attendance issues during school hours, please call 606-4800 x3678. Students who arrive to school after a medical appointment must check in at the attendance office with a doctor’s note, and will be marked accordingly. If students need to leave school during school hours, they must sign out in the attendance office before leaving. Parental authorization is required.