Granada High School Clubs Information

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    Granada encourages student involvement and supports their interests through clubs. 

    Turn in your forms in Student Services to the Bookkeeper.


    Please also see below information about Clubs found in the ASB Handbook

    • Students seeking to establish a club must submit a charter to Student Council for approval. All Charters must be on file at the District Office before an Account is established.
    • The funds in club accounts carry over from year to year.
    • Fundraising activities must follow the site’s approval process. Fundraising proceeds are to benefit the entire club as whole and not individual students.
    • Club account balances will revert to the ASB General Fund after 18 months of no activity.
    • Clubs must prepare and maintain meeting minutes. Meeting minutes are required back-up for disbursement requests.

    • All fundraisers must first be approved by ASB and the class or club, and documented in meeting minutes.
    • A request to conduct a fundraiser must be approved by the site administrator and must include:
           o Meeting minutes
           o Revenue Potential form if fundraiser is expected to generate over $250
    • Deposit of fundraising income must include the meeting minutes, Revenue Potential form and receipts (see Cash Control ).
    • Fundraisers should benefit the whole group, no individual fundraisers allowed.

    • A club may raise money for charity provided that the contributors are aware that the money is to be donated to a specific cause or charity.
    • Money will be deposited into a clearing account and donated in its entirety.
    • All clearing accounts must zero out at the time books are closed.

    • All Purchase Requisitions must be pre-approved by ASB, and include club meeting minutes
       o “Open Purchase Orders” are used for multiple vendors.
       o Single Vendor Purchase orders are to a specific vendor (if unsure of the vendor, please set up an open purchase order)
       o List names of authorized purchasers and vendors to be used.
       o Explain the purpose of the purchase order and the dollar amounts.
    • Failure to obtain pre-approval before making a purchase will result in:
       o First Offense – letter to the vendor, letter to purchaser and a copy to advisor.
       o Second Offense – Purchase will be considered a donation.
    • Personal credit cards may only be used in special circumstances with pre-approval.
    • All orders must be placed by the bookkeeper.
    • All items must be shipped to the school address.
    • Invoices or original itemized receipts must be submitted to the bookkeeper who will request payment once receipt of items are verified by the bookkeeper. Invoices and receipts must be stamped “received” by the appropriate supervisor.
       o Appropriate supervisors are:
           For students/parents – Club Advisor/coach
           For Coaches- Athletic Director
           For staff/advisors- ASB site administrator
           For ASB site administrator – Principal