TK- 8 Program

  • Our K-8 structure allows us to nurture and support our students in a personal, in-depth way for nine years.  Continuity in curriculum, facilities, staff members, and programs mean a seamless transition from elementary school to middle school at an important point in your student’s academic career.  It is a unique opportunity to prepare for the rigors of high school by adjusting to a set of teachers and changing classrooms throughout the day in a familiar, supportive environment. 

    Students in pursuit of success at Joe Michell are offered a variety of school, parent, and community-led programs that enhance or supplement their daily curricular studies. Both inside and outside of their school day, students are offered enrichment classes through either enrichment program led by teachers and parents during three four-week sessions per year, or in the afternoons at Joe Michell Parent Teacher Organization (JMPTO) sponsored classes. For students who are in need of socio-emotional support, we offer Kid Connection: small group “play” directed by our school psychologist. Joe Michell School supports its students in becoming healthy, educated, well rounded successful individuals.
    Joe Michell School challenges itself to create partnerships between its children, families, community, and district. Together all stakeholders commit to support and motivate students to become life-long learners and contributing community members. Joe Michell provides a solid education based on high expectations. Many of our alumni have excelled in sports, law, business, entertainment, and government. Joe Michell continues to challenge its students to soar to success!