Math Curriculum K-5

  • Find Your Child's Math Textbook, Assignments, and Tools

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  • Savvas Investigations 3 & Savvas Realize

    The K-5 mathematics program is Savvas Investigations 3. The online component is called Savvas Realize. To access Savvas Realize from home, students and parents will need to click on the specific link for LVJUSD that has been placed in Clever. Below you will find the directions for logging in, and the directions for locating a few resources within Savvas Realize.

    Logging In

    In order to log in to Savvas Realize at home, your student will log in to their Chromebook and open Clever. Next, click on the Savvas EasyBridge icon.

    Navigating on Savvas Realize

    Once you log in, select the appropriate “program” by clicking on the title of your grade level textbook. You may have access to the textbook in English and Spanish. Once you select your book, you will see the home screen. Click on the textbook icon at the right of the screen or in the browse tab. Once you have selected your book, the next screen will show Units 1-8. By clicking on a unit, you will be able to look at the student materials for each lesson.

    In the white navigation bar at the top of the screen you will find (from left to right):

    • Home: home screen
    • Browse: the textbook
    • Classes: assignments and tools, including the Game Center and MWI
    • Grades: grades from online tests (Math Investigations only)


  • Math Words & Ideas (M.W.I)

    MWI provides examples, explanations and videos for vocabulary and key concepts throughout the book. The resources are organized by topic.

    Game Center

    The Game Center has online games that provide students with opportunities to practice the concepts of each Unit. These games are the same games students play in class.

    Math Tools

    The Math Tools includes digital versions of many of the math manipulatives that are used in class. Students can use the different tools to explore math or to model a math problem.