Volunteer Information

  • Volunteer Information


    Planning to volunteer in classrooms, fieldtrips, or other school activities?  Please don’t forget to complete your online Volunteer Application. Links to the volunteer application can also be found on the Arroyo Seco website. (Returning volunteers click on “Volunteer Login” and new volunteers click on “New Volunteer”)

    Returning Volunteers from 2018-2019:

    Log in to your volunteer account to reactivate your account (link below) - All accounts expired on June 30, 2018


    * Do not complete a new application if you have completed an application in the past

    *Returning volunteers should have received an email around August 6, 2018 from the district office reminding all volunteers to renew their volunteer application.

    * Returning Volunteers will NOT need to resubmit their TB Test as long as it is still current.  

    * Returning drivers for field trips will need to submit a new Driver Form. A new Driver Form is required every year. A copy of your car insurance policy (declaration page) will need to be submitted if it expired during the summer.

    *All applications (New and Returning) take 14 days to be cleared.


    New Volunteer Applications for 2018-2019:

    New volunteers will need to create a Volunteer Account by logging into the link below


    *All applications (New and Returning) take 14 days to be cleared.

    Volunteer Handbook