About Home Learning 20/20

  • Our homework practice is called Home Learning 20/20. Research has shown that traditional homework has a limited impact on achievement in the elementary grades (Hattie, 2023; Good and Brophy, 2003; Cooper et al, 2006). In light of this research, our district is implementing the guidance of 20 minutes of Reading and 20 minutes of Math each evening from Monday to Thursday. This homework is intended to be meaningful and reinforce the lessons that have already been taught in the classroom.

    We believe that Home Learning 20/20 will be beneficial for students and families and help to meet the needs of the ‘whole child’. With this change, there will be a healthy balance between homework and time for play and family. Our students will benefit from a predictable and manageable homework routine. Similarly,  this common approach across grades within a school will help families with planning ahead, knowing what to expect for the volume of homework.

    We are grateful for your partnership in supporting our students with their learning and long-term development.