Kid Connection - Social Emotional Learning
  • The Kid Connection is a Tier 2 Intervention Program that provides TK-5th grade students an opportunity to learn and practice the 5 competencies of Social Emotional Learning in a small group setting. Research indicates that students who are taught social emotional learning skills show academic gains, improved classroom behavior, are better able to manage stress, anxiety, and depression, and have more satisfying relationships with others. The 5 Social Emotional Learning competencies are:



    Social Awareness

    Relationship Skills

    Responsible Decision Making

    During their weekly half-hour Kid Connection session, small groups of students meet with the Kid Connection Specialist in a dedicated Kid Connection room.  The sessions are held during the school day.  Examples of specific lessons taught and practiced include being aware of emotions, managing emotions, taking a deep breath, being mindful, beginning a conversation, joining a group, taking turns, resolving conflict, maintaining friendships, and making a responsible decision.  

    Over the last 30 years, the Kid Connection has supported the social emotional development of thousands of students in the LVJUSD.

    For more information regarding The Kid Connection, please contact Smith Elementary Kid Connection Specialist, Trisha Jensen @

    or 925-606-4750 ext. 6738


    Liisa Hanninen-Danner, PhD, LVJUSD Wellness Coordinator


Kid Connection

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