• The goal of the CMS Music Program is to give the best possible music education to the largest possible number of motivated students in a demanding, yet fun, environment.  A big emphasis is placed on teaching fundamentals; learning to read standard notation, demonstrating proper tone production, understanding correct ensemble techniques (balance, blend, and intonation), and playing a variety of music genres. We strive to provide our students with a challenging music experience in a safe and nurturing environment with the hopes of creating educated consumers of music.

    We have numerous required performances throughout the year, with the advanced groups performing 6-8 times a year and the intermediate groups performing 2-3 times.  Examples of required performances include Winter and Spring Concerts, Festival Performances, LVEF Benefit Concert, elementary tour, 8th grade promotion, the Rodeo Parade, and MORE.  In addition, our students can participate in optional activities like drum major, student mentoring, and others.  

    We currently have five performing groups at Christensen.  We have an Intermediate and an Advanced Orchestra and we have (2) Intermediate Bands which are combined for concerts, and an Advanced Band. Our intermediate groups are geared towards 6th grade or first year students, though we often have 7th and 8th graders.  For many, the intermediate group is the first chance to play more than the "core" instruments. The advanced groups are for students who have completed (1) or more years of middle school instruction.  In Advanced Band and Advanced Orchestra, the focus is on mastering the fundamentals and widening the breadth of literature.  Most of our students continue into the high school programs.

    We are lucky at CMS to have the support of the administration, teachers, office staff, custodial crews, and most importantly, the parents of our CMS music students.  We greatly appreciate the time, commitment, and support.