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    Eas Avenue Middle School
    Mult-Tiered System of Suppot (MTSS)

    Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is a framework the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District and East Avenue use to address the needs of all
    students and, in particular, give targeted support to struggling students. The
    MTSS framework aligns academic, behavioral, and social emotional learning in
    the areas of Academics, Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS),
    and Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

    MTSS: Academic

    The East Avenue COST team meets weekly and is comprised of our
    administrators, child welfare advocate (CWA), counselor, psychologist, nurse,
    support staff, and teachers. Students are referred to COST when there are
    persistent academic and/or behavioral concerns. The purpose of COST is to
    determine interventions appropriate for the student in question so that s/he can
    reach her or his full potential as a student.

    English Language Support
    In this year-long class, English Language students receive additional academic
    support and targeted language lessons to ensure that they are successful in their
    regular academic classes.

    Student Success Team (SST)
    The Student Success Team (SST) is a problem solving intervention that assists
    students, families and teachers to seek positive solutions for maximizing student
    potential. The SST focuses in-depth on one student at a time, and invites the
    parent and student to participate in finding solutions to maximize student

    Homework Club
    Homework Club meets every Monday and Thursday after school in the library.
    Teachers oversee the meeting and are on hand to assist students with work.
    Parent permission is required.

    Math Intervention
    A zero period math intervention class is available Monday through Friday from
    7:30 am to 8:15 in room O104. Students may be assigned to attend based on
    their math proficiency or they may attend on a drop-in basis. There is no need to

    Math Counts
    MathCounts gives students an opportunity to work together in small groups on challenging
    math problems and meet new friends. Our Math Counts team competes yearly against
    other Livermore middle schools and is a great way to

    504 Plan
    A 504 Plan is created with counselors, teachers, and parents to help students
    with learning and attention issues learn and participate in the general education
    curriculum. A 504 Plan outlines how a child’s specific needs are met with
    accommodations, modifications and other services. These measures are
    intended to remove barriers to learning.

    MTSS: Psitiv Behavio Interventio an Suppo (PBIS)

    The Dolphin Way
    East Avenue Middle School established The Dolphin Way as a way to create and
    promote a positive school climate and develop and refine students’ social skills
    within an academic setting. The Dolphin Way expectations for our students are
    for them to be respectful, responsible, and safe. Students participate in The
    Dolphin Way lessons at the start of each school year and receive updates on The
    Dolphin Way expectations throughout the school year in morning
    announcements, in classrooms, and at school assemblies. The Dolphin Way
    behaviors are posted throughout the school, including in every classroom and
    public space.

    Positive Postcards
    Our Positive Postcards are an opportunity for staff members to recognize
    students for displaying appropriate behavior and positive character. The East
    Avenue staff mail these postcards home to share student successes with family

    Dolphin Dollars and Raffles
    Dolphin Dollars give staff members an opportunity to acknowledge students who
    exhibit positive character in keeping with The Dolphin Way. When staff see
    students doing the right thing, they are awarded Dolphin Dollars that can be
    redeemed for entries into raffles for various prizes.

    Dolphin Pride
    Dolphin Pride provides students with an opportunity to become involved with our
    East community. Students keep track of their participation in school events,
    including clubs, sporting events, and spirit days. Students who earn 75 points or
    more are eligible for the award. More information can be found on our school
    website under “Activities.”

    Student of the Month
    Each month, students are nominated by staff members for exhibiting excellent
    academic and/or behavior attributes. Students receive awards that acknowledge
    their positive contributions and are recognized in the morning announcements.

    Digital Citizenship
    Every year, students receive lessons that teach and reinforce what it means to be
    a good digital citizen, make smart choices online, and in life.

    Check-in/Check-out (CICO)
    Check-in/Check-out is a positive, non-punitive intervention for students struggling
    with their behavior in a classroom setting. Students in the program set positive
    behavior goals and check-in with their teachers over the course of the day to
    receive positive feedback about their progress. Students are able to earn
    rewards and recognition for making positive changes.

    MTSS: Socia/ Emotiona Learnin (SEL)

    Game Club
    The East Avenue Game Club meets during lunch time and provides students with
    an opportunity to socialize and make new friends in a fun, game-filled

    Other School Clubs
    We offer a variety of clubs to meet students’ interests and are always willing to
    add new clubs as the want or need arises. Some of the clubs we currently offer
    include Rubik’s Cube Club, Drama Club, and Gay Straight Alliance (GSA).

    Counseling Check-Ins
    Counseling check-ins are available for students on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly,
    or quarterly schedule. Drop in counseling is also available as requested by
    students. Students are able to discuss academic and/or social/emotional

    Choose Love
    All students in the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District are participating in the
    Choose Love social emotional learning curriculum during the 2018-19 school year. Students
    learn the Choose Love Formula:
    Courage + Gratitude + Forgiveness + Compassion in Action = Choosing Love Formula.

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