• Homework Clubs

    2:30 PM-3:15 PM

    Mondays-Science: Students must be assigned by a science teacher

    Tuesdays-Math-Room 53: Open to any student to do math homework

    Thursdays-Core-Room 63: Open to any student that has a question about their core homework

    Girls Who Code - Ms. Davidson

    Monday 2:4 5pm to 3:45 pm 

    RM 50


    Debate Club - Ms. See

    Thursday 7:30 am-8:20 am 

    RM 134


    Math Counts - Ms. Stevens

    Register Online

    Monday 7:30am -8:15am (If your student has no zero period)

    Wednesday 1:35 pm-2:15 pm



    Table Top Club - Ms. Taylor

    Wednesday - 1st and 2nd Lunch 

    Wellness Center


    Knitting Club - Ms. Hornbeck

    Tuesday 1st and 2nd Lunch



    Math Club - Student Run

    Thursday - 2:31 pm - 3:00 pm