Junction Avenue K-8 School Compact 2020-2021

  • The staff, students and parents/guardians of Junction Avenue School agree to share the responsibility for establishing high expectations and preparing children to achieve high academic standards. Student success is dependent upon the strength of this partnership and the shared commitment between school and home.

    As a teacher/administrator I will do my personal best to:

    • Provide a safe, supportive, and effective learning environment for all students.
    • Make clear my expectations for student performance both in and outside the classroom, and review these expectations on a regular basis.
    • Provide curriculum and instruction that is of high quality and is designed to enable all students to meet the state’s academic achievement standards.
    • Continually work on my teaching strategies so that I can successfully teach all students.
    • Notify parents or guardians promptly when attendance or behavior issues arise for their children. 
    • For 6-8 Students - Provide reports on student progress by publishing grades on Schoology regularly.
    • For TK-5 students - Provide information about my child’s progress through goal setting forms, report cards, and parent/teacher conferences.
    • Provide appropriate orientation for parents who wish to volunteer and opportunities to observe in their children’s classrooms.
    • Provide regular availability of computers on-site for parents to access Schoology for 6th-8th graders.
    • Provide school information through Peachjar or our Junction School Website.
    • Mail home progress reports when appropriate and end-of-term grades.

    As parent/guardian I will do my best to:

    • Accept responsibility for supporting my child’s learning.
    • Monitor my child’s attendance and assure he/she is absent only when absolutely necessary. 
    • Monitor the study environment at home and assure that my child has at least the required number of minutes in a quiet environment to do homework each day.
    • Monitor the time my child spends with television or other electronic entertainment. Encourage my child to make positive use of his/her extracurricular time.
    • Respond promptly to messages from the school.
    • Attend Back-to-School Night and other conferences that are arranged with my child’s teachers or administrators.
    • For 6th-8th Grade - Check Schoology regularly and monitor my child’s progress.
    • Encourage my child to begin his/her school day well rested, ready to learn, and having eaten a good breakfast.
    • Keep a school file folder of important information and papers for each child. 


    As a student I will do my personal best to: 

    • Be on time for each of my classes every day.
    • For 6th-8th Grades - Check grades regularly and take questions to teachers.
    • Come to each class with completed homework and the required materials.
    • Write down each homework assignment and set aside at least the required number of minutes each day to complete homework assignments.
    • Let my teachers, parents, or guardians know if I am having difficulty in a class and ask for help if I need it.
    • Follow school rules and show respect for every person at the school. 
    • Carry information between the school and my home.
    • Be responsible for my own actions.