Academic Counseling

  • Welcome to the Counseling Page for Del Valle High School. I am the School Counselor, Allison Petersdorf, and I have been here at Del Valle for 13 years now. I am a little bit of everything all rolled into one. I absolutely love working here and am honored to be a part of a truly special community. The Del Valle Staff is second to none. They are some of the most caring, patient, and hardworking people I have ever known. What does Del Valle do best? We have created an accepting, supportive, and understanding environment where all are welcome and cared about. Thank you for being here!

    A little more about me and what I do here: 

    I am an Academic Counselor. I work with students on their Graduation Progress, help them check credits, answer questions about possible transfer requests, communicate credit-earning options and support them in anything else academic that they might need. I am also available for consultations with parents/ guardians.

    I am also a Social-Emotional Counselor. I am here to support students in all aspects of their personal life- family, friends, personal health, mental health, grief, substance abuse, depression/ anxiety, and much more. This is the part of my job that I love the most. I really enjoy connecting with our students and (hopefully) being a person that they can rely on and trust.

    I can provide Community Resources so that students and their families can get support outside of school as well. Our staff has a number of people working together to best support you and your families. If you are dealing with homelessness, financial struggles, family issues, transportation issues, etc., we are here to try and connect you to the resources that we have available. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

    Please contact me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with you. 

    Allison Petersdorf

    Academic and Social-Emotional Counselor

    PPS, MFT 

    Del Valle High School 

    (925) 606-4709 ext 6218

    Google Voice #: (925) 344-5311

    Available for texting or phone calls.