• Welcome to Mrs. Solomon’s PE page ☀️

    My goal is to provide ways to keep our kids moving that are simple and enjoyable.

    Physical activity helps keep the mind stimulated, focused and alert. This is more important now than ever as we all navigate our current situations and adapt to learning and teaching from home. Plus, establishing the habit of consistent movement in childhood, often carries into adulthood, resulting in healthier minds and bodies for life.

    Every Friday I invite you to return to this page for a new video where I will teach fun games and activities. I also have special guest coaches lined up to share a new skill or activity until the end of this school year.

    To get started, below you will find a list of resources that I have curated to help you add in quick, low- stress movement sessions to your day.

    kids jumping rope


What can I do to be Active?

Mrs. Solomon's Exercise for the Week

Daily Stretches