• Dances, which are only for middle school students, occur at various times during the school year, so please review the master calendar to find out when this year's dances are scheduled.  Dances are from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.  Please note that students are not allowed to be on campus before 6:45 PM and must leave campus by 9:15 PM.  If a student needs to leave early, a parent or guardian must meet a staff chaperone at the door.
    • Students who have been referred to the office at least twice, had a suspension, or had a Wednesday School within the last thirty school days of the date of the dance will not be permitted to attend the dance.  In addition, school administrators can revoke dance privileges for various reasons.
    • Dance tickets are only sold at lunch during the week of the dance (Monday through Thursday, NOT FRIDAY), and the cost of the dance varies based on the type of dance.  The tickets are non-transferable.  The tickets are sold each day in the outdoor area where students eat lunch (picnic tables) Monday through Thursday.  A current student ID is required for purchase and for admittance.
    • Advertisements for the dance will be found on posters around campus, in the master calendar, and in the morning bulletin.  All school rules apply, including dress code, and no pictures or videos are allowed.
    • If there are any questions about the dance, please contact the office no later than Thursday at 4:00pm during the week of the dance.