Field Trips


    Please fill out the Field Trip request form and turn it in to Colleen Wortham in the Student Services Office and I will process it for Admin and District approvals.  

    • Fill out the top 2 boxes and the first line in the 3rd box with your name and Cell Phone #. 
    • Include a list of your Roster and Chaperones  (if you don't know everyone yet, it's OK to get me the information later and I'll add it to the submission) 
    • Let me know if your Field Trip uses money from external sources other than being self funded
      • If you are part of a Sport, I will pull in the Bookeeper to coordinate
      • If you are part of a Club, I will pull in the Bookeeper to coordinate
      • If you are using grant money, I will pull in the Principal's Executive Assistant to coordinate.
    • If your Field Trip is near water, you will need to include a Water Safety Plan

    You will also need to have each Student complete a  Student Permission Slip

    • Permission Slips need to be completed before you go on the Field Trip.
    • Suggestion:  print out one and fill in the Field Trip specifics for date and time, then make copies and have the Students fill in the rest.
    • I get a copy of these as back up, and you bring the originals with you on the trip so you are prepared with the Students' emergency information.

    Other Thoughts

    • I will coordinate with Attendance so that your Students are marked as attending a Field Trip (and not Tardy or Unexcused).  Please let me know if you Cancel your Field Trip so attendance records are correct.
    • There is a digital record of the Field Trips and I also keep the Hard Copy.

    Questions?  Please ask me!  I've also included more resources below if you would like to research on your own.

    Please also see below information about Field Trips from the District Office

    Please also see below information about Field Trips found in the ASB Handbook  

    • An off campus activity.
    • Athletic events outside of the regularly scheduled league season or requiring overnight stay.

    • Submit Field Trip Request for Superintendent’s approval through help desk (** I do this submission for you **)
       o 10 school days prior for day trip.
       o 20 school days prior for overnight trips.
       o 3 months for out of state trips.
    • Field trip must be approved before a purchase order will be issued.
    • ASB Purchase Order Packet must include:
       o Purchase order request approved by ASB.
       o Copy of the approved Field Trip request.
       o Proof of Board approval, if applicable.

    • List of participating students and any chaperones who are not District employees must be submitted to Business Services 5 days prior to the trip so insurance can be obtained.
       o If hotel rooms are to be secured by the district credit card, turn in list of participants 10 days in advance.

    • Must be approved by Board of Education.
    • District funds may not be used to pay student expenses.
    • District funds may be used to pay teacher expenses.

    • Trips that occur when school is not in session.
    • Fundraising events cannot be presented as representing the School, since the school is not sponsoring the trip.
    • Fundraised dollars cannot be deposited into an ASB account.
    • A trip being arranged by an outside agency, i.e. ACIS, fees are paid directly to the agency.