Field Trips


    Please fill out the Field Trip request form and turn it in to Colleen Wortham in the Student Services Office and I will process it for Admin and District approvals.  Fill out the form sooner rather than later.  It is important to get the Approval because then we have a Field Trip Approval number that is needed for other tasks such as using money, getting a sub and booking for hotels. 

    • Fill out the top 2 boxes and the first line in the 3rd box with your name and Cell Phone #. 
    • Include a list of your STudent Roster and Chaperones 
      • If you don't know everyone yet, it's OK to get me the information later and I'll add it to the submission
      • Indicate if your Chaperones are Staff or Approved Volunteer
    • Let me know if your Field Trip uses money from external sources other than being self funded.  After we get the Approval, I will eMail you the Field Trip Approval # and include other relevant people so they can help you complete the next steps.
      • If you are part of a Sport, I will pull in the Bookeeper to coordinate
      • If you are part of a Club, I will pull in the Bookeeper to coordinate
      • If you are using grant money, I will pull in the Principal's Executive Assistant to coordinate.
    • If your Field Trip is near water, you will need to include a Water Safety Plan


    You will also need to have each Student complete a  Student Permission Slip

    • Permission Slips need to be completed before you go on the Field Trip.
    • Suggestion:  print out one and fill in the Field Trip specifics for date and time, then make copies and have the Students fill in the rest.
    • SCAN me a copy of these as back up, and you bring the originals with you on the trip so you are prepared with the Students' emergency information.

    What about the Money?:

    • District Tips on Money & Field Trips:   Tips Sheet 
    • Bookkeeper helps with your Money needs.  You will need to provide her with the Field Trip Approval #.
    • Traveling? Fill out Travel Information Form and turn in to our Bookkeeper.
    • Sports pays for Athletic Field Trips
    • Non-Sports, If you need a SUB, be sure to fill out a Blue "Authorization for School Business" form and submit it to Principal's Executive Assistant.

    Other Important Thoughts:

    • I will coordinate with Attendance so that your Students are marked as attending a Field Trip (and not Tardy or Unexcused).  Please let me know if you Cancel your Field Trip so attendance records are correct.
    • There is a digital record of the Field Trips and I also keep the Hard Copy.
    • Have FUN!

    Questions?  Please ask me!  I've also included more resources below if you would like to research on your own.

    Information about Field Trips from the District Office:

    Please also see below information about Field Trips found in the ASB Handbook :

         • An off campus activity.
         • Athletic events outside of the regularly scheduled league season or requiring overnight stay.

         • Submit Field Trip Request for Superintendent’s approval through help desk (** I do this submission for you **)
                 o 10 school days prior for day trip.
                 o 20 school days prior for overnight trips.
                 o   3 months for out of state trips.
       • Field trip must be approved before a purchase order will be issued.
       • ASB Purchase Order Packet must include:
                o Purchase order request approved by ASB.
                o Copy of the approved Field Trip request.
                o Proof of Board approval, if applicable.

        • List of participating students and any chaperones who are not District employees must be submitted to Business Services 5 days prior to the trip so insurance can be obtained.
                o If hotel rooms are to be secured by the district credit card, turn in list of participants 10 days in advance.

       • Must be approved by Board of Education.
       • District funds may not be used to pay student expenses.
       • District funds may be used to pay teacher expenses.

       • Trips that occur when school is not in session.
       • Fundraising events cannot be presented as representing the School, since the school is not sponsoring the trip.
       • Fundraised dollars cannot be deposited into an ASB account.
       • A trip being arranged by an outside agency, i.e. ACIS, fees are paid directly to the agency.