• Dear Students/Families,

    The African American Scholars Project (AASP) was designed in 2016 to provide Black/African American students with a safe space to talk about their social and emotional wellbeing in school and in their community. The program saw great success in access to school and college-readiness, and a connection to the school community. 

    Beginning Friday September 10th, students will join our partners in this work, MEB Consulting Group, to discuss topics such as social media, politics, entrepreneurship, entertainment, college, environment, and mindfulness. This is a continuation of workshops presented last year and will all be a part of the AASP Fall Series: 

    "Black &..."

    As a part of this series, the facilitators of AASP will use their vast network to bring in panelists, special guest speakers, and local alumni who are making an impact in our society. They will also facilitate activities to help students build community and networks. Finally, they will provide resources to help students prepare for life beyond high school both academically and socially.

    We are excited to host the  MEB Consulting Group in Livermore, as we know the importance of community and local networks for our students. We are also thrilled to be able to invite folks from across the country and world to engage with our students virtually during the first trimester.

    AASP will meet every other Friday, from 10:45-12:00 (During 3rd Period), starting on September 10, in room 107 .  Your student will be invited and given an excused absence to 3rd period if they decide to attend. Students are still required to complete coursework for 3rd period.  

    Meeting dates:

    • September 24
    • October 15
    • October 29
    • November 12 
    • December 3
    • December 17 
    • January 21
    • February 4
    • February 18


    AASP Team Bios

    Maisha Beasley

    A Bay Area native, Dr. Maisha Beasley was raised in Livermore and attended Marilyn Ave Elementary, Junction Middle School, and Granada High School. She also founded the GHS Dance Troupe in 1994 as an alternative club when students of color were marginalized from other activities in the high school. Throughout her educational career in Livermore, Dr. Beasley found ways to exercise her leadership skills and social justice ideologies through the help of her peers and ally-educators. 

    This principle led her to pursue higher education. She went on to graduate from San Diego State University with a B.A. in Communication, University of the Pacific with a M.A. in Higher Education Administration, and from University of San Francisco with an Ed.D. in International and Multicultural Administration. As a lifelong educator, Dr. Beasley creates curriculum, programs, and resources for students, educators, and administrators. She also enjoys action packed movies and is an avid basketball fan!

    Ashley Carter


    Inspired by a family of educators, Ashley is passionate about promoting access to higher education and social justice initiatives.  Ashley is a Bay Area native and is a double graduate from the University of the Pacific with a bachelor’s in International Relations, with a minor in Ethnic Studies- African Diaspora and a master’s in Education Administration and Leadership.  During her time at University of the Pacific, she was responsible for creating safe spaces for women and marginalized communities. Ashley’s professional experiences led her to have a clear understanding of the educational process from primary school all the way through higher education.


    Her passion for student access led her to create the tenets of the African American Scholars Project (AASP) and served as one of the main program architects along with Dr.Maisha Beasley. Ashley traveled extensively throughout South Africa, India and Japan as part of her desire to experience other cultures and communities. While travel is one of her favorite pastimes, Ashley is also a big foodie, loves listening to live music, and creating memories with her husband and pug named Biggie!


    Kiraa Easter

    Kiraa is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist whose central focus and area of expertise encompasses the art and science of assisting young people of the African Diaspora and their families. For more than a decade, Kiraa’s strategies have helped young people navigate the critical developmental stages of adolescence and young adulthood. She fell in love with serving teenage youth when she began her journey in the high schools of West Contra Costa Unified School District back in 2013. An essential theme embedded in her approach is fostering intentional spaces and relationships for the young people so they can construct necessary comprehensive skills such as effective communication and emotion regulation. Kiraa’s professional training and lived experiences have allowed her to be aware of the many visible and invisible factors that influence behavior. 


    As a coach, Kiraa challenges young people to break the cycles that may hinder them from obtaining their goals, while simultaneously validating their unique experiences and perspectives. As a wife, a mother of many, and a member of a large family, she has developed the ability to be versatile, empathic, and lively in her engagements with youth. Students laugh at her dry humor and her entertaining improv techniques that she uses to help make learning connections. In her downtime, dancing, exploring how to do different hairstyles by watching YouTube videos, and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, is a favorite for Kiraa. In all, as a healer, she is here to encourage forwardness through creative measures that will ultimately promote relief, growth and/or awareness.

    Breana Cheeves


    San Francisco native born and raised in the western addition which is also known

    as “The Fillmore.” Breana is currently a student at the City College of San Francisco where she will be obtaining an Associate degree in Child and Adolescent Development, African American Studies, and Humanities. She comes from a family of educators and community organizers; most of her interests and work lie in this particular area. As an aspiring educator, last summer, Breana decided to create an organization centered on improving the readership in Black communities to promote sustainable liberation. In her spare time Breana enjoys traveling, reading and finding new music on different platforms.


    Claire Green


    Born and raised in the Bay Area, was a student at Granada High School. Currently, she is working on completing her undergrad at Las Positas College in hopes to transfer. In high school, Claire was involved in many leadership roles including leadership classes and being a varsity cheerleader. 


    After high school, Claire discovered a passion for helping the community through protesting. Organizing, speaking at, and being on the front lines of multiple community protests amidst the tragic death of George Floyd has sparked an interest and love for helping people and creating change. Following the protests, Claire has worked closely with the LVJUSD to approve ethnic studies courses, assist in microaggression training for teachers, and much more. When Claire isn’t working, she loves hanging out with friends, trying new things, and listening to music (ask her about her favorite artists!)


    Camille La Blanc 


    Born and raised in California, Camille  grew up in several different cities including Stockton, Santa Cruz, and Livermore. However, she solely attended schools within the Livermore school district from elementary through high school. While attending Livermore High School Camille co-founded the Black Student Union and was a proud member of the African American Scholars Project as a student. A successful student athlete, Camille continued on to play soccer at the local collegiate level at Las Positas where she pursued an AA in general psychology and then again at Menlo College until she transitioned from full time student athlete to online schooling and full time work in the midst of the pandemic. Passionate most about children she has operated her own child care service for almost eight years. Most recently running a daycare for several elementary aged children over the course of the previous school year as they navigated virtual learning. Currently pursuing a B.A. in elementary education, Camille is most passionate about education for youth and particularly the lives and success of young Black children.


    Romel Lucas


    Romel was born in Georgetown, Guyana and raised in Oakland,California. He studied Business Management at San Jose State University and while there he discovered his passion for photography. His love for photography has inspired him to travel to over 20 countries, and many of the beautiful images from those locations have found their way into his photography portfolio. He has an abundance of memories captured beyond the city lines. In 2007 he established a non-profit called Leader Builder Inc.that focused on mentoring children in urban communities, and fostering self confidence through photography. This is his second opportunity to support AASP and he is excited to help facilitate curriculum implementation.


    If you do not wish for your child to participate in AASP, please email Mrs. Mohammed directly at: rmohammed@lvjusd.org.


    I am looking forward to a wonderful school year.


    Roxana Mohammed

    Vice Principal