• In order to apply for work permit as a student at Livermore High School you must fill out a work permit application form which can be picked up at the Activities window or printed off this website. Once the form has been completed by both a parent or guardian and your place of employment, you must turn it in to Activities. It takes 24-48 hours to process work permit applications. Work permits can be picked up at the Activities window during break or passing period, and before and after school.

    You will be allowed to work extra hours at your place of employment during school holidays/breaks, the dates for these will be printed on your permit. Work permits can be pulled at any time by your CWA if your attendance becomes an issue. Furthermore your permit can also be pulled by Mrs. Groth and/or any member of administration if you are failing in any class or your GPA drops below 2.0. In some cases you may be granted a probationary work permit, this is up to the discretion of your vice principal.

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