Dual Immersion


  • Students in Junction Avenue K-8 School’s Two-Way Dual Language Immersion Program have the opportunity to do what few U.S. students do: become bilingual early in their educational careers. Dual immersion students don’t just study a second language; they use it, and it becomes part of them.  The La Vid Dual Immersion program at Junction Ave. K-8 is a unique opportunity in Livermore for native English speakers and native Spanish speakers to become bilingual, biliterate and culturally competent through a rigorous curriculum from Kindergarten to 8th grade.

How It Works

  • Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science are taught in English and Spanish to develop students' academic knowledge and communication skills in both languages.  In this unique opportunity to acquire two languages while learning the California standards curriculum, students who speak either English or Spanish can participate in this exciting and enriching instruction.  Students are immersed 50% of the instructional time in English and 50% in Spanish. Teams consisting of two teachers, an English model and a Spanish model, work with two classes at each grade level to provide a bilingual experience. Classes alternate between the teachers for 50/50 Spanish/English instruction in Math, Social Studies, Science and other content areas. Students help each other to speak, read, write and understand one another's language.


Dual Language Immersion Program Master Plan

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