Valet Procedures

  • For the safety of our students, please:

     ·        No parking, waiting, or Dropping Off/Picking Up in Red Zones or crosswalks in the parking lot, on Ontario, or on Murdell.

    ·        Do not park or wait in the ESS designated curb space.

    ·        Reserved parking spots are for the use of the designated family only.  Do not park in these spots at any time.

    ·        Do not block driveways.

    ·        Valet lines - please pull all the way forward and continually move forward as cars exit the line.  Drivers – do not leave your car.

    ·        Main Parking Lot – During Drop Off/Pick Up the left lane into the lot will only be for the first row of parking.  The right lane will be used for curb Drop Off/Pick Up.  Use the crosswalk to get to/from the school.

    ·        Please be courteous to other drivers.  Please alternate cars into the parking lot.

    ·        Do not Pick Up your children in the middle of the parking lot and stop the flow of traffic.  It is not a safe pick-up area.