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Boosters Board 2023-24

  • President: Melissa Cottingham

    Vice President: Ana Tia

    Treasurer: Christa Robbins

    Secretary: Alyssa Garshol

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What is Boosters? Why Get Involved?

  • East Avenue Middle School Boosters Association, aka EAMS Boosters, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to raise money to improve East Avenue Middle School for the benefit of the students, teachers, staff, and community. All efforts to raise money goes to meet identified needs of the school. From technology, to art supplies, to sports uniforms, our organization seeks to Boost our school. As a non-profit, Boosters seeks to raise funds with the Fall “No Fuss Fundraiser”, dining out events, Granada Bingo Nights, corporate matching gifts, the LLNL HOME Campaign, and other creative ventures to fund the needs that the District may not cover. 

    Boosters is 100% volunteer run by parent volunteers who also work, commute, and keep busy with sports and other activities. Parents can work behind the scenes, on their schedule. No task is too small and many hands make light work. Boosting happens when we work together. Reach out to eamsboosters@gmail.com to ask questions and learn more.

    Your participation and membership help make East Avenue great! Go to the following link for information on how to join Boosters for the low, low cost of !

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    • Be heard! Boosters is the number one voice for parent involvement.
    • Our children succeed when families, schools, and communities work together.
    • You are not alone. Boosters is a network of passionate parents, like you, ready to assist.
    • Be a role model for your children and your community.
    • Boosters works with parents, students, and staff to foster ideas, ensure support, and oversee funding for valuable programs.

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