Planned Activities

  • September- How do we build an unsinkable ship?

    October- Coding; Robot dressup and Fashion Show

    December- Lego Mazes

    February- Penny Spinners

    April- Lego Bridge Challenge

    May- Making Triangles

What we do...

    • Circuit exploration with Makey Makey
    • Coding with Dash and Ozobots
    • Code and Go Robot Mice
    • Green Screen Animation
    • Sewing
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Legos
    • Breakout Boxes
    • Merge Cubes

5th Grade Video Announcments

  • 5th grade students have the opportunity to plan, record and produce the monthly morning announcements.  Using the green screen in the makerspace, they utilize iPads and DoInk technology to learn video editing and production. Roles include anchors, film crew and production and editing.  Watch for a new video each month!

September Activity- The Unsinkable Ship

  • students building and floating unsinkable lego ships

October Activity- Dash Robots Fashion Show

  • robots pic

December Activity- Lego Mazes

  • Photo collage of legos

    December 3-9 is the official Hour of Code.  In the Makerspace we are building lego mazes.  Some coding options that students can do at home include the following:

    K-3 (Angry Birds maze coding)
    Grades 4/5 (Plants and Zombie maze coding)

February Activity- Mixing Colors with Penny Spinners

  • Penny Spinners