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  • 2018-2018          LHS Robotics Club GravitechX- seeking community grants online or in person.

                                Contact Mary Kaye Brown 

     8/21                   Patxi's Dine Out - LHS Water Polo- FLYER

     9/5                     LHS Athletic Boosters- Selling spirit wear at Back to School Night.

    9/11                    LHS Dance Clinic- FLYER

    9/16                    Bingo Ranch Fundraiser on Pacific Ave.-SSGN 2019

    9/19                    Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser - FFA

    9/23                     Bingo Ranch Fundraiser on Pacific Ave.-SSGN 2019

     9/24                   Chipotle Dine Out- LHS Water Polo 5pm-9pm FLYER

    10/1- 10/21       Cookie Dough Fundraiser for Music- Enright

    10/1-10/31        FFA- Pie Sales- FLYER- McNealy

    10/3                    Patxi's Pizza Fundraiser- LHS Music-FLYER

    10/15-10/30       Girls LAX Pie Fundraiser- Pie Order Form. Pie Flavor selections.

    10/19                  Homecoming Popcorn Sales - Class of 2020

    10/20-10/21      Meat and Plant Sale 10am-4pm- SSGN2019- FLYER

    11/1-11/13        Christmas Wreath Sales room 216- Calestini- FLYER

    11/1-11/30        Cookie Dough Sales for Girls Basketball- Coach Spiller

    11/5-11/26        Snap Raise Fundraiser for Wrestling- Herb Guidry

    11/7-11/30        Poinsettia Sale -FFA

    11/12-12/10      Wrestling Team Gear and Fundraiser- Herb Guidry

    11/14                  NHS Fundraiser @ The Habit-FLYER

    11/20                  LHS Dance Clinic- FLYER

    11/29                  Page Mill Fundraiser for Music- Justin Enright- FLYER

    12/4                    Chipotle Dine Out for Music-FLYER-Justin Enright 

    12/15                  SSGN '19 Holiday Boutique- Main Gym 10am-3pm 

    2/28                    Melo's Pizza & Pasta Fundraiser- Class of 2020-FLYER

    3/8-3/9               Mattress Sale- Music-Flyer

    1/1-End if yr       Floral Subscription for FFA- delivers  the first wk of each month- FLYER 

    1/6                      Bingo Ranch Fundraiser on Pacific Ave.-SSGN 2019

    1/13-1/27          Bingo Ranch Fundraiser on Pacific Ave.- Girls Basketball 

    1/15                    Taco Tuesday at the Boys Basketball Game! FLYER

    1/21-2/1             See's Candy Fundraiser- FFA

    1/21-2/11           Cookie Dough Sales- Wrestling

    1/23                    Melo's Dine Out for NHS- FLYER

    1/30                    Texas Roadhouse Dinner Fundraiser- Boys Soccer- FLYER

    2/10                    Bingo Ranch Fundraiser on Pacific Ave.-SSGN 2019

    2/12                    Chipotle Dine out for Link Crew.- FLYER

    2/13                    The Habit Dine Out- Livermore Music-Enright- FLYER

    2/15-2/28          Snap-Raiser Fundraiser-Boys Golf- Switzer

    2/20                    King Kong Magic The Gathering Tournament- Pleasanton- Table Top Club- FLYER

    2/24                    Bingo Ranch Fundraiser on Pacific Ave.-SSGN 2019

    2/27                    Brews & BBQ Fundraiser-Support Livermore Music- FLYER

    3/10                    Bingo Ranch Fundraiser on Pacific Ave.-SSGN 2019

    3/13                    Super Smash Fundraiser- Table Top Club- FLYER 

    3/16                    Fundraiser Tournament at King Kong Comics- Tabletop Club- FLYER 

    3/27                    Drive Thru BBQ- FFA Fundraiser- Joe McNealy

    3/27                    The Habit Dine Out- Latinos Unidos Club-FLYER

    3/28                    Chili's Fundraiser- Class of 202-FLYER

    4/7                      Bingo Ranch Fundraiser on Pacific Ave.-SSGN 2019

    4/4-4/6              LHS Girls Softball Stampede Tournament- FLYER 

    4/20                    Bollywood Night 6:30pm-9:30pm- Main Gym-FLYER 

    4/26                    Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser for NHS-Cabasino-FLYER

    4/27-4/28          Meat and Plant Sale 10am-4pm- SSGN2019-FLYER 

    4/28                    Jacketback Pop Up Shop-LHS PTSA- FLYER 

    5/1                      Super Smash Tournament- Carpenter- FLYER 

    5/4                      Spring Fling Dance 7-10pm- Class of 2021

    5/4-6/4               Graduation Yard Sign Sales- Livermore Music- FLYER  

    5/5-6/5              Graduation Lei Fundraiser (Flyer to come)

    5/6                      9th Annual LHSAA Golf Tournament-FLYER

    5/7-6/7              Graduation Lei & Flower Bouquet Fundraiser- class of 2021-Torres

    5/17                    Panda Express Dine Out for NHS- FLYER 

    5/29                    America One Nation For All @ the Bankhead- Enright- FLYER 

    8/5                      Golf Tournament Fundraiser for Girls Basketball- Poppy Ridge- FLYER

    8/15/19-9/15/19  Donation Request Fundraiser for Girl's Volleyball- Tim Vierra